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Although we have some of the best Shisha sommelier in town who not only create exotic flavours but can create an exclusive flavour tailored to your taste, we are a solution to all your event problems. Whether it’s a wedding, a house party, a birthday celebration or even a small gathering, we are at your service to make the experience a memorable one for your guests.

We also sell exclusive Smokedown Shishas and pre-mixed flavors crafted by excellence so you can kick back and

enjoy a shisha at the comfort of your home.



What is Smokedown?

We are a team of people passionate about event management. We understand the importance of a special occasion and we prioritize making memories over everything else. Started as a Shisha catering service, we have branched out to Sound setups, Lights, Bar, Poker parties, Live music, and much more.

What we do?

Us Indians love to plan our own weddings, parties, and social gatherings. Smokedown does not plan to take that away, we aim to provide a one-stop solution for all your event needs. Let us take your stress away and hook-ah you up. We believe the best marketing is happy customers. Hence, we have learned how to prioritize when everything is number One.

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